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50 litre Bags, 5kg Blocks

& 6,000 litre Big Bales

RHP Product No. 088BK09

Approved for Horticulture

MPS-ECAS ISO9001 - 2008

& IMO Organic Certification

SA8000 Fair Trade Coco - 2008

A natural organic growing medium derived from coconut

husks. It is the perfect environmentally friendly growing

medium with no disposal problems. Buffered with Calcium

& Magnesium. Superior water, air & nutrient holding capacity.

This is the best quality premium Coco available in the World

today. Our factory prides themselves on their RHP certification

and has won more awards than any Coco producer on the

planet. Don't pay for expensive Dutch imports that buy their

RHP coco in 5kg blocks from our factory in India and ship to

The Netherlands for bagging and then send back to Australia.

Plants love W2G Pro Coco

and so will you.


Solis Tek Digital Ballasts come complete

with a host of cutting-edge features:

Ignition Control™ Sequential Lamp Ignition Technology

& Smart Sense™ Pre Ignition System Diagnostic

Solis Tek Digital Ballasts offer a complete package

of exciting innovations that are integrated and intelligent.

Solis Tek Digital Ballasts

will not try to ignite a hot lamp.

A pre-start signal is sent to the lamp.

If the lamp is hot (high impedance), the ballast will not

start the lamp until it has sufficently cooled down.

High frequency, low THD & software driven smart functions.

Solis Tek may look like other electronic ballasts.

The internal software is what makes

Solis Tek completely different.

The MATRIX Multi-Wattage Digital Ballast

(runs 1000W, 600W & 400W lamps) has a

built-in digital timer & remote control with

pre-programmed grow schedules.

Also available is the

SOLIS TEK 600W/400W Switchable

Digital Ballast (runs 600W & 400W lamps).

SOLIS TEK High Frequency Digital Lamps

are specially formulated for Plants

and SOLIS TEK Digital Ballasts.

SOLIS TEK Lamps are Digital Pulse Start High Pressure Sodium

& Metal Halide. All SOLIS TEK Lamps produce full spectrum

UVA, UVB, UVC & Infrared light. SOLIS TEK Lamps are

Kelvin (colour temperature) rated for different applications.

The 4kV pulse start & high operating frequency of an

electronic/digitial ballast damages the inner arc tube of

standard (50-60 Hertz) HPS/MH lamps, resulting in premature

lamp failure. Solis Tek high frequency digital lamps are

designed to withstand this 4kV pulse start and run at

highest frequency. SOLIS TEK Digital Ballasts run

@ the industry's fastest 71,000 Hertz with low THD

(Total Harmonic Distortion)

More digital light output per watt of energy used.

Most electronic ballasts run at 28,800 Hertz

with unacceptably high levels of THD.

Standard coil/core magnetic ballasts run at 50-60 Hertz.

Crop quality & yield will improve when using a SOLIS TEK

Digital Lamp on a SOLIS TEK Digital Ballast.

SOLIS TEK Lamps can be used with

HPS magnetic coil/core ballasts.

SOLIS TEK Lamps run cooler than standard lamps.

Excess heat is inefficient use of energy.

High Quality light for photosynthesis is more important

than any nutrient or additive.

Same camera, side by side comparison.

Solis Tek are the Digital Lighting Experts.

Your safest bet for Odour Control 

Genuine RC-48 Australian Virgin Activated Carbon Filters


  Centrifugal Fans & Ducting

ozi magic

 Monsta Bud, Ozi Tonic

& Ozi Magic Powder Nutrients


  Bud Juice, Liquid Lead,

 & Nutriboost



PK 13-15 PRO-PK is a special nutrient additive.

It is a Superior Weight Gainer for fruits and flowers,

Australian made pure liquid potassium & phosphorous

bloom booster minerals in ultra pure water for heavy

weight. Growers can improve the quality & value

of their crops just by using this additive. Don't pay

for expensive imported products that cost twice

the price and ship water all over the planet.

Resinator, Supercharge,

Ignite & Super Growth


(contains no plant growth regulators)

for floriculture, healthy blooms, as hard as.

ROCK Resinator is taking the industry by storm,

it is the best selling product of 2012.

See amazing results in three days of use. 


We have been supplying our retail partners

& commercial greenhouses since last century.


Our products have been thoroughly tested in

greenhouses world wide and are the best on the market.

We look forward to helping you with your selection.

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garden centre retailers Australia wide.  If you own a

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