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SOLIS TEK Digital Ballasts

Welcome to the future of

High Intensity Discharge Plant Lighting


14AWG 600V Fully Tinned Wiring

The Industry's first & only

Smart Digital Ballast.

MATRIX - the World's only

remote control digital ballast

with built-in digital timer. 


Digital Partners

Solis Tek are the leaders in advanced lighting technology for horticulture. Complete software based digital platforms are standard with all STK products. Solis Tek Digital Ballasts operate at 71,000Hz twice the speed of competitors electronic ballasts. Solis Tek Ballasts feature 14AWG 600V Fully Tinned Wiring for low Total Harmonic Distortion & maximum RF shielding.

Solis Tek Digital Ballasts are more power efficient and produce more light while using less power than electronic or coil/core magnetic ballasts.

Solis Tek Digital Ballasts are reliable and produce the lowest Total Harmonic Distortion reading at the lamp. An extraordinary 12-15% THD (a magnetic coil/core ballast is 15%THD and considered a low THD system). When matched with Solis Tek Digital Lamps the THD is 0%. Solis Tek Lamps and Ballasts are a matched set and tuned to achieve 0% THD. Most electronic ballasts have unacceptable levels of THD at the lamp, between 150 - 600%THD.

Most ballast manufacturers have copied each others design flaws and don't understand how to test for THD @ the lamp or how to rectify this situation. Also cheap components used to manufacture cheap ballasts magnify this problem.

Solis Tek utilises high quality German mofsets & Japanese electronic components.

The plasma arc operating inside the inner arc tube of the lamp should be a smooth curve with the gases swirling around the arc, producing high quality light with maximum efficiency. High THD electronic ballasts produce an arc stream in the inner arc tube of the lamp that is not smooth or efficient. The result is acoustic resonance which delivers less light & damages lamps.The classic example of acoustic resonance is breaking a wine glass with sound at the precise resonant frequency of the glass. This is what is happening inside your lamp on a high THD electronic ballast.

(Get a welding mask and see for yourself)

Coil/core magnetics ballasts are low THD systems but they are power hungry, this gets worse with age. They run extremely hot and can self ignite. The capacitor of a coil/core magnetic ballast should be replaced every two years as a worn out capacitor means the lamp will not operate at full brightness but still uses the same amount of power. A coil/core magnetic ballast usually runs above its rated load and has a high starting current. They are hot, noisy and inefficent.

Electronic ballasts started the revolution in HID lighting. They are more efficient than coil/core magnetic ballasts. Low frequency, high THD electronic ballasts have been superceded by Solis Tek Digital Smart Ballasts. Our patent pending technology has created a new benchmark in High Intensity Discharge plant lighting.


Ignition Control - Sequential Lamp Ignition Technology 

Solis Tek not only has soft start technology, we have taken this one step further. Ignition Control - Sequential Lamp Ignition Technology fires the lamps sequentially which is the ultimate protection for circuits and breakers. Solis Tek Smart Digital Ballasts fire each lamp when the circuit allows, no electronic or coil/core magnetic ballast can achieve this. 

Higher Light Output

A Solis Tek Digital Ballast (71,000Hz) will produce more light than a electronic ballast (28,800Hz) or coil/core magnetic ballast (50Hz). The faster the speed of the ballast the more light it is producing, the ballast is cycling or turning the lamp on/off this many times per second (Hz). The human eye cannot register this speed but your plants can. The chlorophyll in your plants is capturing more light energy for photosynthesis, higher frequency light delivered with low total harmonic distortion. A digital camera will record this strobing effect, it is very noticable with a 50Hz ballast but can also record the improved light quality of a Solis Tek Digital Ballast over a lower frequency high THD electronic ballast.

(Get a digital camera & see for yourself)

More Digital Light per Watt

Solis Tek Digital Ballasts have a superior light output to Watt ratio. The most light output per Watt of energy used of any artifical plant lighting system. Efficent, intelligent design.

No fan, no dust, no humidity, no problems


5 year warranty with

Completely silent and runs cool, no need for cooling fan due to efficient operation & exclusive heat sink design.





SenseSmart - Pre-Ignition System Diagnostics

Solis Tek Digital Ballasts perform a 3 second pre-ignition diagnostic check & will not start if a fault is detected. The Diagnostic Software checks for open & short circuits, high/low voltage, overflow current, high/low temperatures and end of lamp life. The MATRIX ballast will display an error message to determine what is going wrong & why.

Solis Tek Digital ballasts will not try to fire a hot lamp as all electronic & coil/core magnetics will. A signal is sent to the lamp and when the lamp has sufficiently cooled the lamp will fire. The MATRIX ballast will even indicate end of lamp life with an E04 error message on it's LCD screen. The MATRIX ballast has a back up battery that will remember the programmed grow/bloom schedule for up to 6 hours in the event of a power outage. When the power goes back on, the ballast waits till the lamp has sufficiently cooled then reignites the lamp and continues with the programmed schedule.

Smart Digital Lighting Technology.

Your plants deserve no less. Solis Tek Digital Ballasts were designed by growers who understand what growers and most importantly what your plants require. We use the best quality components available. Solis Tek own & operate our own production factory.

Most ballast companies and their agents have never grown anything. And have no idea about plants and their requirements. We grow & we know what makes our plants happy & healthy to produce quality yields. If you have questions, we will get you the answers. We appreciate your feedback & comments. We are the future of plant lighting and will release more innovative products soon.

We are Solis Tek, we are true digital lighting. We do not forgive unreliable, high distortion junk peddlers that dump products on the market for quick profit. 


(Google "Solis Tek" and see for yourself)

High quality light for photosynthesis is more important than any nutrient or additive.

Solis Tek, made for growers like you :)

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