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SOLIS TEK Digital Lamps

SolisTek "True Digital Grow Lamps" are the industry's optimal solution for digital lighting technology. Our digital lamps are engineered and tuned specifically for compatibility with high and low frequency digital ballasts.

SolisTek Lamps are perfectly matched with SolisTek digital ballasts to offer the cleanest burning combination possible with minimal to no THD (Total Harmonic Distortion).  This combination is as reliable as core and coil (magnetic) with the efficiency of a digital ballast. SolisTek digital lamps are engineered with a precise gas combination for increased blues, reds & UV's for a full balanced spectrum.

SolisTek High Frequency Digital Lamps offer:
-Color Enhanced Full Balanced Spectrum
-Prolonged Lamp Life 
-Less Depreciation of PAR and Lumen Output over time.
-Precise Gas Combination for Increased Blues, Reds & UV
-As Reliable & Efficient as Core & Coil (magnetic) when paired with SolisTek Ballasts
-True High Frequency Technology
-Superior Photochemical Reactions
-Proper UV Balance
-Advanced HID Lamp Design
-Lamps made by Life Scientists for plants

-Best Sunlight Replication
-Designed for Commercial Applications
-Made for Quality, Consistency & Yield

 High Frequency, Pulse-Start Digital Lamps 
Optimal for all stages of Plant Growth



SOLIS TEK Digital Lamps

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Available Sizes
1000W Digital PSMH 6K
400W Digital HPS 2K
400W Digital PSMH 6K
1000W Digital PSMH 4K
1000W Digital HPS 2K
600W Digital HPS 2K
600W Digital PSMH 4K
600W Digital PSMH 6K