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ROCK Supercharge

ROCK Supercharge



















Supercharge has been developed to condition the root zone and stimulate root growth to establish a strong foundation for the plant to thrive throughout the entire growing cycle.


Short Summary:

Supercharge stimulates root growth by antagonizing the plants immune system causing the plant to produce excess roots to replace roots that it perceives are being attacked. Supercharge also conditions the root zone by displacing unwanted salts and replacing them with chelating organic compounds that revitalize root media. Using Supercharge in your system throughout the entire grow and flower cycle will guarantee your roots will develop to their maximum potential. This will enable the plant to absorb more nutrient easily and with the root zone conditioning your roots will always by white, healthy and problem free.


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What does Supercharge do?

Supercharge is the only root zone conditioner and root stimulator that will enable your plants to reach their full productive potential. Supercharge stimulates root growth by subtly convincing the plant that its roots are being attacked. The plant in turn begins extra root production and also increases its own immune defence to guard against the perceived attack. With the benefit of extra root growth, your plant will be capable of taking up more nutrients for extra growth. Furthermore, Supercharge will improve the roots by increasing the water retention capacity of the media as well as repairing the deteriorated media with our own patent pending ‘rizo-ionic exchange’ technology. The result will be healthy white roots and trouble free media for your plants. Supercharge is so effective that roots will continue to grow and develop right up until harvest ensuring maximum crop yield.



How do I best use Supercharge?

Supercharge is completely compatible with all systems and all other products, in fact Supercharge is so effective that there is no need to use peroxide, chloride quaternary type products – doing so would just be overkill. Supercharge should be used at 4ml per Gallon (1ml per litre) with your regular nutrient solution throughout the entire growth cycle for hassle free high yield crops. If you are treating a defective medium then start with 8ml per gallon and adjust ppm accordingly. Keep Supercharge as part of your regular regime to prevent media deterioration and degradation.



What is Supercharge made from?

Supercharge is a proprietary blend of plant specific amino acids; Phytoenzymes; simple and complex carbohydrates derived from naturally decomposed organic matter our proprietary plant aminoglycoside; 86 rare earth minerals including vitamins and trace elements all combined together into a fully soluble and plant ready blend that will deliver consistently incredible results every time. Our research: You will also be please to know that through our extensive plant metabolism research spanning the last 40 years, we have learned that not all amino acids improve plant growth! You may read some product’s ingredient list containing an impressive suite of amino acids but we can assure you that only a few of them actually benefit the plant. Instead of overloading our products with every amino acid available hoping something will work, we have selected only the effective components so that you only buy what works! Our root stimulation is second to none! Compare Supercharge to any other product and see for yourself - roots like never before.


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