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Medi One

Medi One

We are pleased to offer you a tested and highly recommended proven one part grow and bloom nutrient, Medi one.

Dr Hornby and John Smith have been working with green Planet Wholesale and Grow Hard Australia to help develop their best feeding schedules for your medical garden. John has seen amazing results produced when using Medi One. Tested in different indoor gardens we have now been able to standardize our grows when using Medi One, a formulated one part grow and bloom nutrient.

Growing your own food and medicine is not a easy task. What to use ? What not to use? Here we highly recommend Medi One for your medical garden...

Dr Hornby


"My role in the medicinal industry began in the late 1990’s when I was granted a license by Health Canada to measure the resin concentration of medicinal herbs. It was the observation of the different medicinal profiles of the different varieties of medicinal plants that lead my company (Hedron Analytical Inc.) into the medicinal realm.

My power within the industry has been my background with a doctorate in human pathology and an master’s degree in biochemistry but more so my ability to run analytical instruments such as High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectral detectors. These analytical tools allow identification and quantification of virtually any compound known to man. It is with the HPLC that I have built a name in the industry by identifying and quantifying the most abundant medicinal compounds present in a given sample.


I have been running an HPLC since shortly after the technology became available in the 1970’s. Beginning my education with the instrument at the BC Cancer Research Center where I spent nine years as a technician. It was also the key tool used during my doctorate training and research on oral cancer.


It is the usefulness of HPLC that has been adapted by Green Planet to determine certain nutrients effectiveness in producing ‘full’ medicinal profiles. Using HPLC we can easily see the various medicinal compounds produced in a plant as well as their concentrations. Thus we can compare different nutrient regimens and their ability to produce medicine profiles.


Having spent the past five years working directly with a local compassion society I have experienced what many medical users go through in getting their license, setting up their own gardens, growing and consuming medicinal herbs. Most of these people (more than 80%) are dealing with chronic pain. They do not need the mixing, pouring and measuring that is required for most nutrient regimens found on the market. When I first heard of Medi-One, designed for the novice or injured grower, I was excited by the notion.


Having now run a number of grow experiments, using an experienced, licensed medicinal grower, also in chronic pain, we can scientifically show the medicinal profile generated from the Medi-One formula vs. more expensive and much more labor intensive full feed regimens.


I like Medi-One because it is not only very simple to use, it is ideal for the disabled or novice grower."


A. Paul Hornby, Ph.D.

PERFECT ORGANIC PART C to two part nutrients or PART B to single nutrients

In vegetating  use 5ml per liter / 20ml per gallon. In Bloom use 10 ml per liter or 40 ml per gallon. Dr Hornby always says the best part about Medi One is you can't screw it up.

Can be used with your favourite additives like W2G Pro-PK or Resinator for extra goodness.

Get Healthy with Medi One :)

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