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Odor Sok

Odor Sok

Odor problems are in the bag!









This multi layered carbon cloth bag sets new standards for carbon filters for light to medium duty applications. For heavy duty applications we recommend Phresh Filter.



So how do they work? Odor-Sok Air Filters are constructed using bundles of microscopic activated carbon filaments and fibres. By controlling fibre width to 20 nm, the kinetics (adsorption rate) of carbon cloth is similar to that of a single exposed carbon particle. Air flows evenly across the carbon and with accelerated kinetics (up to ID-2400) and increased surface area, Odor-Sok Air Filters retain all the properties of deep filter bed canisters. Faster adsorption rates means smaller filter equipment and up to thirty times less carbon in use for the same result over a one year period. That's how!

What store owners said about Odorsok:

  • "I would never have guessed it but this tiny bag is working well, if not better than my large, heavy carbon filter canister."
  • "Unbelievable. My airflow has increased by at least 15% over my previous canister and still no odor.."
  • "I still can't believe it. It is so light; I suspended it from my ceiling with thumb tacks.. its still up there.."
  • "It came to me in a tiny box in the post! I though the box was empty. It works 100%"
  • "I can stack nine Odor-Soks on the shelf where one equivalent carbon canister used to be. There's more space."
  • "The fact they come packed so small and light still amazes me. They take less than two minutes to assemble.."
  • "I can easily lift a box of forty nine filters over my head with one arm and I'm a girl. No more lifting problems!"
  • "I own an internet based sales outlet. The Sok has revolutionized the way I sell carbon filters. No more big freight charges, special handling requests and damaged filters. Best of all it works. A brilliant product all round!"

Sizes & Flow rates Available 

Sizes Available

Flow Rate LPS

Flow Rate CFM

125 mm x 300 mm



150 mm x 600 mm



200 mm x 500 mm



250 mm x 600 mm



300 mm x 800 mm



350 mm x 1000 mm



400 mm x 1000 mm




In a comparison against old style carbon canisters the benefits are obvious.

Odor Sok


Carbon Canisters

Extremely cost effective   Expensive initial outlay
Ultra light and compact / less than 2kg   Extra large & extremely heavy / up to 90kg
Freights easily in your national post system   Expensive couriers / easily damaged in transit
Stores at a fraction of the assembled size   Stores as is
Frees up valuable shelf & advertising space   Takes up valuable floor, shelf and advertising space
Lightweight, durable construction   Old stytle, large heavy steel and aluminium construction
Easy to assmble - less than 2 minutes   Comes assembled. Hard to move, remove and transport.
Easy to dispose - compresses to almost nothing   Hard to disspose of - large bin space required
Multiple sizes for all applications   Neck size limited to the manufacturers fixed collar size
Fits any/all manufacturers fans   Fan size limited to the manufacturers fixed collar size
More frequent sales / more affordable for your clients   Slower turnover/less affordable/less customers
8% pressure loss with centrifugal fans   20%-30% pressure loss with centrifuga
Odor Sok
Available Sizes
125mm x 300mm
150mm x 600mm
200mm x 500mm
250mm x 800mm
300mm x 800mm