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SOLIS TEK 600W - 400W Digital Ballast

SOLIS TEK 600W - 400W Digital Ballast

-Dedicated 240V Australian model with round earth pin socket.

-4 step dimming: 630W - 600W - 420W - 400W. (Solis Boost is 5% overdrive)
-Solis Tek Pulse Digital Start Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamps

-SunPulse Lamps 4 star rated ballast (highest rating)
-1 power cord included
-Soft Start Technology with Ignition Control - Sequential Lamp Ignition Technology
-Powers 600w & 400w lamps.
-Constant Power Factor 99.9%
- 2.75A @ 240v, 3 x 600W ballasts, safely from a 10A Power Point.

- 0% THD when used with Solis Tek High Frequency Digital Lamps














Solis-Tek is a leading provider of the industry's first software based technology ballast. We specialize in the highest quality components and circuitry for our digital ballasts for use in the horticulture and hydroponics industries.


At Solis-Tek, we are revolutionizing growing technology. Our innovation and software based products will provide for better efficiency, greater safety and convenience. Come experience a whole new level of growing with Solis-tek digital ballasts.


Protective technology

In addition to our high quality manufacturing, Solis-Tek ballasts have two revolutionary safety features built into all of our products. Protective features:


 Ignition Control™ & SenseSmart™ Technology

Keep your plants green and thriving!

Solis-Tek Safety Features:

Ignition Control™
Sequential Lamp Ignition Technology – Our most revolutionary safety feature.  Whether you are powering up 10 units or 100 units of Solis-Tek Digital Ballasts, the electrical draw is completely balanced by our internal software. Our software will ignite lamps 1 at a time, which will prevent electrical surges and spikes and protect breakers from overloading.  The lamps will also ignite with soft start.  This is feature is especially important for automated systems to protect against inconsistency in lighting schedules.

SenseSmart™ Technology - Pre-Ignition System Diagnostic – A revolutionary safety measure not found in other electronic ballasts.  Solis-Tek units will not ignite without a complete and proper connection.  The ballast conducts a 3 second test of the connection circuit.  If the circuit is incomplete ignition will be prevented in order to protect the lamp.






 Taking it to the next level 


Available Sizes
600 Watt